deTour 2021


The use(ful)ness of NFTs? Learn to mint your NFTs!
Timothy Chau aka Non-Fungible TC
Second Life of leaves: Mandala Workshop
Lam Ka Yu
Mr. Moment — Street Snap Photography Workshop
Window and Alley
From Street to Part of My body — Clay Making Workshop
Window and Alley
Put it in Words — City Poetry Writing Workshop
Window and Alley
Embroidery T Shirt Workshop
Window and Alley
People in Our City – Modernology Workshop (Fashion Culture)
Dissidents Among Dissidents (D.A.D.)
Spectacles & The Street – Modernology Workshop (Street Tour)
Dissidents Among Dissidents (D.A.D.)
Trajectories and Relics – Modernology Workshop (Build Environment Tour I)
Dissidents Among Dissidents (D.A.D.)
Derive the Superficial – Modernology Workshop (Build Environment Tour II)
Dissidents Among Dissidents (D.A.D.)
Nature Dye-Sensitised Solar Cells Music!
Shih Wei-Chieh
About Room for Urns
About Leaving
Funeral Song-writing Lesson
About Leaving
Paper for the last thoughts
About Leaving
Palm of the Universe Workshop – Listen to the Voice of Nature
Choreo Couture – Discover generative digital art and create your own Fashion!
Lionel Wong Zhen Jie
Why (Not) Paper Books? – Bookbinding Workshop: Saddle Stitch with Thread
mmmmor studio
“There Will Be Cookies” Exhibition Sharing
Craig Au Yeung Ying Chai