People in Our City – Modernology Workshop (Fashion Culture)

deTour 2021


S414, 4/F, Block A, PMQ
27 Nov - 1100-1300 (Registration deadline: 26 Nov 2359)
**As each workshop caters to different aspects of our living environment, we highly recommend that participants join several in order to gain a wider perspective.

1. Please bring a sketchbook/notebook.
2. The workshop will be mostly outdoors, so please dress appropriately.
3. Please bring head/earphones for better sound quality during the guided tour.
4. As different ways of documenting and researching will be used in the workshop, participants should bring their own device(s) to take photos and/or record videos, or even use design software as needed.
5. Participants are urged to be prepared for guided walking tours and direct observation, as these comprise a large part of the workshop experience.
6. The workshop is suitable for participants aged 13 and over.

For further enquiries, contact us at or Whatsapp 9665 0130/6846 8974.

In the city, neither anomalies (eg. an empty chair, weeds shooting up from bricks) nor regular patterns (eg. long queues outside coffee shops, mahjong battles in the alleys) happen randomly. They exist as a certain “usefulness” to the community and everyday life.

The creative experience and each individual’s way of representation are unique and immune to the judgement of others. This project draws inspiration from modernology and Guy Debord to evoke curiosity and bring non-biased understanding to our living space.

The first modernology workshop will be about debunking the way we dress. Participants will observe how PMQ visitors and shop owners style their outfits. We will begin by providing a short lecture on modernology and fashion styles. Participants are encouraged to try different methods of documentation. The workshop will wrap up with a sharing and mapping session.

Dissidents Among Dissidents (D.A.D.)

Dissidents Among Dissidents (D.A.D.) explores the spectacle of mundane pleasures and seeks to change our fabricated lives. D.A.D. works across multiple disciplines and mixed-media collaborations with independent studios, community awareness groups and NGOs. Besides design, D.A.D.’s work also touches on anthropology, sociology and environmental science issues. Their goal is to elaborate on seldom-recognised problems and use a critical approach to debunk the mysteries of our living world.