deTour 2021



Shin Wong

Born in Taipei and raised in New Zealand, Shin Wong is one of the most sought-after curators and creative influencers in the region. With an eccentric professional background and eclectic industry experience in entertainment, creative and arts spanning over 15 years, Shin is recognised for her expertise in creative and conceptual thinking, artist liaison, curatorship and arts management.

Shin has been the mastermind behind Hong Kong Design Festival ‘deTour’ since 2015, a flagship annual event presented by PMQ and sponsored by Create Hong Kong (CreateHK) of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Between 2015 and 2021, the festival drew traffic of over 800,000 visitors to the event site in SoHo. Held in September 2022, ‘FabriX'(sponsored by CreateHK), Hong Kong’s first digital fashion initiative was also the brainchild of Shin.

Notable creative projects and exhibitions curated by Shin include ‘The Singing Canvases’ by Ivana Wong; ‘The Way You Look’ by Yamaguchi Soichi; ‘Unparalleled Madness’ by Wang Qingsong; ‘It is NOW’ by Tom Binns; ‘PEDDERZINE Uncatalogued’ by JOYCE; ‘Born To Be A Witness’ by G Cheuk; PMQ’s ‘Smart Fashion Runway I & II’, and many more.

Curatorial Team

Trilingua Design

Trilingua Design is a multidisciplinary design studio, established by Adonian Chan and Chris Tsui, in 2010. Its design services include branding, visual identity, website design, publication design, exhibition design, and spatial design.

The “Hong Kong Beiwei Zansyu” typeface design is its ongoing, self-initiated project to document and research Hong Kong’s visual culture, that has been conceptualized in the form of various art installations and commercial design projects.

To Trilingua Design, graphic designers are “visual culture participators”. They hope that through active research and conversations on Hong Kong’s aesthetics, we can build the foundation for Hong Kong’s design and our city’s identity, which is often neglected in this time of information overload.

Key Visual Design

Studio Mary

Founded in 2019, Studio MARY is an emerging design collective based in Hong Kong, creating visual identity, publicity, spatial and exhibition design, as well as websites and digital/virtual exhibitions for arts and cultural institutions and artists.

Pride in ideas and strategic and critical thinking are the foundations of design practice. For each project, Studio MARY develops a unique voice and design language that express its intrinsic spirit, working closely with clients and other collaborators to leave lasting impressions. From project start to finish, the team’s creative solutions are deployed to guarantee visually and spatially impactful results.

Studio MARY also engages in personal and collaborative projects of all kinds.

Website Design & Development


WEEWUNGWUNG is a Hong Kong-based digital design studio focused on web and interactive experiences. Working closely with graphic designers, artists, curators and corporations, WEEWUNGWUNG harnesses the power of cutting-edge web and programming technology to promote brand building, pushing the boundaries of contemporary browsing experience and its adaptation for a dynamic brand development.

The team has earned multiple awards and recognitions in the creative industry, including Webby Awards, One Show Design Awards, HKDA Global Design Awards, Awwwards, CSS Design Awards and more.

Exhibition Design

Architecture Commons

Architecture Commons is a design agency for urban innovation, creating architectures and methodologies that enhance social cohesion for people, businesses, institutions and governments.

We work side-by-side with clients and partners to investigate and gather insights, evolving strategies and designs that facilitate innovation and make architecture a medium for a vibrant and liveable urban future.

As architects, design is our way to connect and collaborate. From nurseries to universities, hostels to co-working spaces, our designs seek innovative ways of resource-sharing, utility maximisation, and place-making for people.

Content and Media Creator

120 Creative

Do it fast, watch it slow.
The word “120”, comes from “120fps” high speed shooting.
Slow it down, we are able to discover scenery we have never ever seen.
We believe life works the same way.

By the way, we are a group of seven young video creators based in Hong Kong.