deTour 2021


Nov 27 — Dec 12

deTour, Hong Kong’s largest design festival, returns to PMQ from 27 November to 12 December with a new level of design excitement. Working to the theme of “Use(fu)less”, Trilingua Design—deTour 2021’s curatorial team—explore the “useful” and the “useless”, the distinct functions and the intangible values of design. Interdisciplinary contributions from local and international design talents join with experts from outside design to fulfil deTour’s mission to bring mind-blowing creative works and experiences to the industry and public.

At the core of the effort is “International Collaboration”, a contemporary interpretation of an ancient mythology of love created by the internationally acclaimed Sputniko! and Napp Studio & Architects’ marrying of design and biotechnology. At “Feature Exhibition”, Match Chen and Au Chi Fung explore a confluence of design and sport; Chaklam Ng and Dr Jackie Lou delve into the power of design and sound; Mak Kai Hang, Keith Tam and Dr Cheung Sing Hang present a fusion of design and typography; and Renatus Wu Cheuk Pan and Li Hong Ting probe the chemistry between design and philosophy. “Selected Entries”, on the other hand, comprises 11 critically chosen showcases that express diverse readings of “Use(fu)less” by emerging local design groups.

Other highlights are 37 “Workshop” sessions and 12 “Design Dialogues” that promise fun, insightful topical experiences against the unique creative backdrop of PMQ. In a continuation of the last edition’s dual model, this year’s deTour presents a virtual festival alongside its physical programme, bringing cross-media interaction to a wider audience. Visit PMQ and the virtual festival website now and immerse yourself in a fascinating world of use(fu)less!