Choreo Couture – Discover generative digital art and create your own Fashion!

deTour 2021


S512, 5/F, Block A, PMQ
10 Dec - 1700-1800, 1800-1900, 1900-2000 (Registration deadline: 9 Dec 2359)
The workshop is suitable for participants aged 13 and over.

Generative digital art has long been seen as mere decoration or whimsical flights of artistic fancy. But, by combining the cold logic of mathematics, the power of the human imagination and the impressive capabilities of computation, we can create works of art of unparalleled detail, depth and variety. How can we utilise these fantastic mechanisms that are valued for their aesthetics, in applications where they provide beneficial utility?

One way is through the field of fashion and wearable design. Rather than surface appearances, fashion is about the movements, styles and auras our bodies inhabit which reflect our selves. Fashion and aesthetics go hand-in-hand. If we allow wearers to imbue their custom generative designs with their unique biometric signatures, their data will inform the shapes of the garments. We can create wearables that are meaningful to each and everybody. Data translates to beauty.

This interactive workshop provides a glimpse into a future of engaging, meaningful fashion design experiences. First, participants’ postures and silhouettes are recorded in short videos. Their biometric identities are processed into fashion-making data that metamorphosise classic fashion forms into unique new expressions. From avant-garde costumes to sensual cocktail silhouettes, the designs are printed onto high-quality paper for participants’ to take away.

Lionel Wong Zhen Jie

Lionel has received the prestigious Hong Kong PhD Fellowship in 2020 for his ongoing doctoral studies at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.


He had also been awarded the Bright Future Charitable Foundation Design Scholarship for his Masters studies in Interaction Design from Hong Kong PolyU, of which he achieved a Distinction. Prior to that, he was a Bachelor’s degree holder majoring in Industrial Design from the National University of Singapore.


Lionel has more than a decade of design experience prior to his involvement with Baëlf Design, working at international companies such as Asus, Hasbro and self-founded toy company Ariel Lemon. He has also been an educator at institutions such as Singapore Polytechnic and Raffles Design Institute. His area of interest in teaching is the development of personal creativity and the importance of foundational design skills in his students.


His responsibilities at Baëlf include complex 3D modelling and fabrication of prototypes. He is curious about new technological approaches to fashion and design, and is investigating various forms of additive manufacturing, the use of exotic, interactive textiles and materials, generative design and computational creativity through machine learning.