From Street to Part of My body — Clay Making Workshop

deTour 2021


Window and Alley, Marketplace, G/F, PMQ
28 Nov - 1700-1900 (Registration deadline: 27 Nov 2359)
The workshop is suitable for children aged 6 to 12.

While walking down familiar city streets, few of us take much notice of the objects around us, let alone their functions. But fascinating stories tend to lie just beneath the familiar and mundane.

During this workshop, participants will walk around PMQ neighbourhood on a journey of observation. Interesting objects discovered along the way will be recreated as small clay pins to accompany future expeditions around the city.

Window and Alley

Window and Alley is a select shop in Sharp West Street, Causeway Bay. The space is used to host workshops and other activities, as well as selling products mainly made by Hong Kongers.
This time, visitors can have a brand new experience through doing workshops in PMQ, Window and Alley.