deTour 2022

Design as One

Little Giraffe’s Adventure in the Urban Jungle
Giraffe and Cloud
Home Recipe on Guangcai Plate
“The Felt City” – Creative Needle Felting workshop
Isatisse Studio
Printmaking Manual Machine (Plant-themed)
Li Pak Huen
SignCraft Workshop
Silence Lab Limited
Tee Knitter
Alize Lam Yeuk Hei
Pottery decoration – transfer image on clay (Old day in Hong Kong)
Pinch Creation
From Playful Design To Gather Daily
Rain! Designology
A journey of soundscape of farm
Teresa Tsui Wai Shan
Co-Space Co-Create: Metaverse Design Workshop
Antumbra Academy
Paper Lighting Pop-up
Cigarette Butt Picking Athletic Training
Cigarette Butts Committee
Encrypted island
Sunny Ko Cheuk Yat | Co-Encrypted Unlimited, Rex Kwan Lai Yin | Co-Encrypted Unlimited, Oscar Lau Ho Yin | Co-Encrypted Unlimited, Henry Liu Chun Hei | Co-Encrypted Unlimited, Yip Ka Kit | Co-Encrypted Unlimited
“Wind Specimen” Design Imagination Workshop
Damon Tsang Siu Hei