deTour 2022

Design as One

deTour, Hong Kong’s largest design festival, has connected the public with local and international design communities through a series of distinctively-themed events since 2004. Returning from 18 November to 4 December with the theme of ‘Design as One’, curators Chi-wing Lee, Kay Chan Wan Ki and STICKYLINE will transform PMQ into a fun-filled experiment ground for participatory design, welcoming visitors to participate in various design ideas and activities physically and virtually. This edition of deTour will immerse visitors in the topics of living, environment, consumption, society, food and other areas relevant to us all.

For International Collaboration, globally-renowned creative studio Domestic Data Streamers partners with the team at deTour to examine how time can be organised to build memories in their signature whimsical approach. As part of the lineup for Feature Exhibition, Neighbourhood Innovation Lab turns data into human narratives, telling the stories of the Central community built from data collected from 100 individuals. HKDI Centre for Communication Design invites MOM AND POP to collaborate on an inspiring shopping trip that plays with the connection between product packaging and carbon emission, evoking questions about the real costs of consumption. Meanwhile, food story designer Adelaide Lala Tam extensively documented the life of a cow to respectively understand and infiltrate the cattle industry system. Sound designer Vanissa Law breaks down the structure of language and presents visitors an alternative way to rebuild words. 14 shortlisted ideas from the Open Call will also be featured as Selected Entries, showcasing the creative prowess of the local design community.

Not to be missed are over 40 Workshop sessions, 12 Design Dialogues, film screenings and guided tours that promise more fun and engaging ways for visitors to join the conversation and delve deeper into the world of design. Be part of deTour 2022 and make a difference to Design as One!