deTour 2022

Design as One

Design isn’t just a matter of taste and preferences, but also considers the needs of different people. In an increasingly complex world, can design become a new medium of communication – opening up discussions and inviting wider participation amongst different layers of society?

At deTour 2022, we want to erase the barriers and bring design closer to you, me and everyone – the very ‘participants’ who contribute to the design process by actively taking part and responding with ideas, opinions and actions. Let your inner voices be our windows to understanding the world better, as we turn your feedback and responses into data to drive design forward. Every little question, every simple change will make a big difference for everyone in this journey!

In this 17-day celebration of design, we welcome every visitor to be involved and interact in the design process, whilst engaging in various thought-provoking issues. Designers, on the other hand, will be our storytellers – connecting different communities; querying, recording and interpreting the vast information gathered. Data from the event will be documented to inspire a variety of design ideas, and even contribute to an ocean of open data with lasting impact on creativity and design, far in the future.

Join us at deTour 2022 as we explore the power of Design as One!

Chi-wing Lee, Kay Chan Wan Ki, STICKYLINE
Curatorial Team of deTour 2022