Little Giraffe’s Adventure in the Urban Jungle

deTour 2022

Design as One

19 Nov - 1100-1300 (Registration deadline: 18 Nov)
27 Nov - 1100-1300 (Registration deadline: 26 Nov)
4 Dec - 1100-1300 (Registration deadline: 3 Dec)
1. You are welcome to attend one or more of the three workshop sessions - you are also not required to join all three workshop sessions.
2. The workshop is suitable for children aged 6 to 12.

Look out the window – can you find the giraffe-like tree? No? Look closer! Still nothing? Maybe try with a bit of imagination!

When exactly did the once giraffe-like tree become so ordinary to us? Everyone had their own unique ways of making sense of the world around them during childhood. However, these imaginative and inspiring ways of looking at things are forgotten as we get older.

The workshops aim to spark children’s curiosity and creativity through experiential learning and capture their wildest imaginations about our urban trees before they fade away. We hope to sow these seeds of creativity, which will grow into an urban forest adored by children and all in the future.

Workshop I (19 Nov) –
Tree or Giraffe? Treedex Design Workshop – Learn about our urban trees and co-create a Treedex!

Workshop II (27 Nov) –
A Day with Tree (Giraffe)! Nature Game Design Workshop – Make friends with your tree neighbours and co-design a one-of-a-kind childhood game.

Workshop III (4 Dec) –
Giraffe (Tree)’s Disguise! Tree Tag Design Workshop – Make your ideal tree tag and be our junior arborist!

Giraffe and Cloud

Giraffe and Cloud explores the synergy between education, community and our built environment, using creative storytelling to spark children’s curiosity and imagination about our urban nature. Through the eyes of young dreamers, Giraffe and Cloud created a novel urban narrative that inspires possibilities and positive changes in our neighbourhood. Giraffe and Cloud is the initiative of two practising landscape designers, Anson Leung and Klaus Li.


With a profound interest in our neighbourhoods and the untold stories hidden within, Anson has been involved in several community projects where he explores participatory approaches in co-creating innovative solutions to urban living and the built environment.


Klaus has been involved in several playground and park construction design projects. Passionate about storytelling with illustrations, he actively participates in several workshop collaborations and research schemes that explore urban ecology and rural sustainability.