deTour 2022

Design as One

S708, 7/F, Block A, PMQ
19 Nov - 1730-1930 (Registration deadline: 18 Nov)
26 Nov - 1730-1930 (Registration deadline: 25 Nov)
3 Dec - 1730-1930 (Registration deadline: 2 Dec)
1. Please bring a paper bag along with you to the workshop.
2. The workshop is suitable for participants aged 13 and over.

Themed ‘Baggazine’, the event aims to promote waste reduction by reconsidering the recyclability of existing materials.

Every participant is required to bring along a paper bag, which will serve as both a storytelling tool as well as a medium to be reused for the production of a journal. Participants will disassemble the paper bags to be used as raw material for ‘Zine’ and at the same time recalling and telling the stories of the paper bags’ shopping journeys.

The workshop also provides an opportunity for participants to think about the relationship between images and paintings – do images have to be hand-painted to tell a story? Let’s shape the whole storyline with basic geometry!


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