Printmaking Manual Machine (Plant-themed)

deTour 2022

Design as One

S708, 7/F, Block A, PMQ
19 Nov - 1430-1600 (Registration deadline: 18 Nov)
26 Nov - 1430-1600 (Registration deadline: 25 Nov)
27 Nov - 1430-1600 (Registration deadline: 26 Nov)
The workshop is suitable for participants aged 13 and over.

This workshop teaches participants to make plant-themed lino prints and produce small-scale works with personal style. The purpose of the workshop is to deepen public’s understanding of printmaking. Beyond promoting this unpredictable yet pleasantly surprising art medium, we hope to encourage participants to discover the hidden vitality and possibilities by recording the characteristics and forms of various plants.

Li Pak Huen

Esther Li Pak Huen graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts in Hong Kong Baptist University. She mainly focuses on illustration, acrylic painting, printmaking and animation. Her inspirations come mostly from personal experience and observations in everyday life, where she adds imagination to ordinary life through art making. Conscious of her limited words, she connects with different people and expresses her thoughts through her very own visual language.