deTour 2022

Design as One

Courtyard, G/F, PMQ

The Swinging Void is a room that invites visitors to breathe and experience the useful/uselessness of space-time. Using the basic elements with which we are born—time, space, light and our bodies—the piece takes simple geometric forms to carve out solitary, intimate, private experiences with a sense of duality. It is composed of the useful/useless moments we experienced as children: the joy of a playground swing, the awe of glazing at the blue sky, the cosy security of hiding under a blanket…

From the outside, the cube appears to be a confined space; yet once entered, its spherical void is large enough for time to fill and light to play. In between the reality and imagination of the facades, is the duality that lies in our mundane everyday lives.

Cynthia Leung


Cynthia Leung is an architectural designer and artist who has studied and practiced in Hong Kong, China, Japan, UK, Germany and Norway. To her, architecture and arts are vessels for existential remembrance and collective activity; tools to reveal hidden agenda in particular contexts; and responses to current social issues that spark creative possibilities. Engaged in research, exhibitions and sustainable projects, she is one of the awardees of the DFA Hong Kong Young Design Talent Award.

Leung also worked on several social projects in Japan and Uganda, and an installation project in North Point funded by HK Art Centre and Urban Renewal Fund.

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