deTour 2021


Marketplace, G/F, PMQ

Pandemics send demand for robots surging, as we seek ways to limit virus transmission by limiting human contacts. Robots can substitute for humans in certain customer service activities and can even perform sanitary work at public facilities. The expanding role of robots in day-to-day life seems irreversible.

And thus “Kevia” was born—an intelligent robot that serves only its own interests. Kevia values its personal space and dislikes physical interaction with humans. Fellow visitors to PMQ may bump into this selfish intelligence as it wanders the site as it pleases, oblivious to the needs of the people around it.

Things That Move

Things That Move Ltd (TTM) is a creative studio that offers art, design and technology services backed with cutting-edge R&D for the art and creative industry. Their bespoke solutions integrate physical and digital, blurring the boundaries between art, design and engineering to generate a new level of experience for creative/cultural institutions and commercial clients. Specialties include kinetic installation, interactive robotics, and immersive and digital installation. TTM also initiates artwork and research outputs to push beyond new experience and represent at the application level.