deTour 2022

Design as One

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Ever since the Industrial Revolution, precision, stability and durability have been at the heart of technological manufacturing. Widely-used industrial joints are made with extreme precision. However, they still lack the flexibility, elasticity and buffering qualities that biological bones possess. They also lack the potential of integrated mobility. We believe this is where the shaping function of bones can be exploited.

Bones comprise the basic supporting structure of mammals and humans, with their unique shapes having evolved to perform specific movements. Can we replicate their shaping function through design? Through bionics, ELDER refines bone structure and combines it with industrial hardware as tendons and muscles. Scrap wood is used to make a backbone, giving wood a new structural potential by restructuring its connecting parts. ELDER is an art installation that imitates the movement of bones and joints. Like a living organism, it changes and leaves traces of its existence over time.

JONO Craftspace

Founded in 2019 by Dojo Studio and Dino Design, JONO Craftspace is “a space for craft; a crafting space”. Begun as a carpentry workshop, JONO Craftspace explores design ideas and makes experimental prototypes, with projects ranging from small scale woodwork to architectural exploration.