Path to be Rich by Making NFT?

deTour 2021


Marketplace, G/F, PMQ
4 Dec (Sat) - 16:00 - 17:00
Live / Live-streaming
Limited quota for on-site audience on a first-come-first-served basis.

The art world is in a frenzy over non-fungible tokens (NFT) these days – but few actually seem to know what they are. Questions abound: Is it true that they can make you rich? Does the rise of NFT mark the doom of installation art? Do NFT only exist as pixels on a screen? Must all artworks become NFT? Is it too late for me to start making my own NFT? Why hasn’t the NFT bubble burst yet?

In ‘The path to NFT riches’, NFT pioneer Joe Kwan of Anicorn Watches, art and technology installation artist, Keith Tam of Dimension Plus, and the specialist of reality technology Chris Cheung of Xcept, will share their views and experiences regarding NFT. If you have NFT questions that need answers, this is a talk you don’t want to miss.

Speakers –
1. Keith Lam, Co-founder and Artistic Director of Hong Kong-Taiwan New Media Art Team Dimension Plus
2. Chris Cheung Hon Him, Founder of New Media Group XCEPT and XCEED
3. Joe Kwan, Co-founder and Creative director at Anicorn Watches

Keith Lam

Co-founder and Artistic Director of Hong Kong-Taiwan New Media Art Team Dimension Plus

Co-founder and Artistic Director of new media art studio “Dimension Plus”, founder of composite space “openground”.

His works have won several awards at international art festivals, including a world-leading art festival Prix Ars Electronica and the Japan Media Arts Festival, etc. His works exhibit around the world and collected by museums.

Also committed to new media art education, he teaches, consults and as associate professor at various universities & institutions with the aim of promoting digital fabrication in art.

Chris Cheung Hon Him

Founder of New Media Group XCEPT and XCEED

Chris Cheung Hon Him (aka h0nh1m; b.1983) is best known for installation art and audiovisual performance, whose artistic expression depends upon electronic, sound, image and creative technology in new media. h0nh1m’s reverence for Eastern and Western philosophy are central to his oeuvre, which he blends traditional ideology and futuristic imagination to create immersive soundscape, generative art and data art.

The RadianceScape project he initiated in 2014 has garnered critical acclaim and was featured in Ars Electronica, FILE Festival, EMAF and other festivals. The live performance were toured in Sónar Festival and WRO Art Biennale in 2017. The project won ZKM – Giga Hertz Awards in 2020. And his calligraphy and ink installation (No Longer Write – Mochiji / InkFlux) are collected in Taoyuan Museum of Fine Arts and UOB Art collection respectively. Lately, InkFlux is selected in 24th. h0nh1m is always eager to explore new mediums and look for aesthetics in technological intervention. He established artist collective, XCEPT and XCEED in 2008. The collective works are showcased worldwide and have won prestigious international awards in the Reddot, TDC, Frame, A’ Design, Golden Pin, GDC 11, Design for Asia awards, Lumen Prize and New York Art Director Club Young Guns 11. He received the Young Artist Award from HKADC and the Young Design Talent Awards from HKDC in 2010 and 2011 respectively.

In 2014, he was appointed as the Curator and Artistic Consultant of the 1st HK-SZ Design Biennale and has been invited as guest speaker in multiple global events including Christie’s Art and Tech Summit, Eyeo Festival and Business of Design Week. His dedication to cultivating art, tech and future living in local community has inspired him to set up XPLOR lab and FutureTense platform.

Joe Kwan

Co-founder and creative director at Anicorn Watches

Joe Kwan, design entrepreneur, co-founder, and creative director at ANICORN WATCHES. Joe Kwan’s works have been selected in numerous international design awards including: British D&AD Awards, Australian Graphic Design Association (AGDA) and Hong Kong Designers Association Awards. He was also titled as ‘100 outstanding Chinese designers (under 30)’ by Shanghai Designer Club.

ANICORN is known for its extensive collaborations with NASA, Daniel Arsham, M/M Paris to create timepieces with different perspectives.