deTour 2022

Design as One

Marketplace, G/F, PMQ

Spaces can speak volumes, and in deTour’s continuation of Window and Alley’s Causeway Bay shop, Window and Alley explores the potential of small-scale urban spaces for individual expression.

Our experiments in usage have been carried out in just 46 sq-ft of space. The outcome is a flexibly designed hardware shop space which can fit in different locations and host a meaningful programme, making a “space” into a real “place”.

Window and Alley

Tucked into a quiet corner is Window and Alley, a city-themed select shop where visitors can observe the city, imagine alternative realities and make dreams come true.

Our perceptions been changed by COVID-19; now, life seems to be more than just work and mundane diversions. More people are seeking to understand themselves through creative exposure, and their crafts and artworks add to their cities’ voices. Window and Alley is a haven for these dreamers to experiment, exhibit and experience.