deTour 2021


Marketplace, G/F, PMQ

A café. An experiment. A performance. In this work, audiences (customers) appreciate (or participate) by simply buying a cup of joe, just as they do in any café.

Normally, design is the supporting character in cafés, with coffee being the protagonist; but in I Know Not What Café, we try to reverse their roles. Design is brought from background to foreground, with the goal being to reveal the hidden function of design and demonstrate how it shapes our experience and even worldview.

Li Hong Ting | Corrupt The Youth

A co-founder of the philosophy-popularising group Corrupt The Youth, Li Hong Ting studied Design at Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Philosophy at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He was also host of television talk shows 哲學有偈傾 and 8花齊放.

Renatus Wu Cheuk-pan | Edited


Renatus Wu Cheuk Pan is a designer, publisher, editor and book creator. Wu has received Hong Kong Best Award by Hong Kong Designers Association Global Design Awards, Design for Asia Awards, and Tokyo TDC Annual Awards. He is the founder of Hong Kong-based design studio Edited, the independent publishing company Mosses, and an independent bookshop, Book B, with an aim to providing a platform for independent publishers and creatives to showcase and exchange.