The Art of Speed

11/25 - 12/4

Hollywood Garden



We are often told to “think out of the box”. What is the box doing there anyways? What is this box and who put it there?

There Is No Box.

The Art of Speed is an open-ended interactive installation that inspires children to create their own obstacle courses for toy cars. Suitable for children from as young as one year old, the aim is to allow them to freely design the tracks and intuitively learn about force and motion through manipulation of the direction and gradient of their cars’ tracks. Obstacles are created with the help of everyday recycled materials such as tissue boxes, beverage cartons, water bottles and wooden stools.

In recent studies, CEOs were polled to reveal that creativity was one of the most desirable traits in an employee. Furthermore, research has shown that scientists with creative traits are seven times more likely to win a Nobel Prize than those without. We believe Hong Kong needs a space to begin nurturing our children’s creativity. With so much emphasis on academia and achievement here in Hong Kong, we believe it is important to re-empower children with their creative outlets in order to inspire the next generation of makers and doers.

Children are welcome to bring their own materials from home to add to their tracks. We hope you and your children walk away inspired as well as encouraged to re-discover the creativity in every day play.


There Is No box. TINbox believes in fostering creativity; we believe that all children are born to think and create independently and individually. However, along our childhoods, structured and rule-based play has narrowed our ability to be creative and intuitive. With so much emphasis on academia here in Hong Kong, we believe it is important to re-empower children with their creative outlets. TINbox creates spaces to nurture our children's creativity and to bring awareness to the importance of open-ended and creative play.

Please stay tuned for other spaces we have in store for you!