For Architecture – Every Word Counts

11/24 - 12/4


1100 - 2000

AaaM Architects

Literature denotes human history, civilisation process, time and space in a descriptive form. Yet architecture concerns not only the spatial environment, but is also a medium for human living and interaction, a thinking process as well as a cultural container. Architecture is a silent literature. We use literature to construct a space, a network, a realm, where architecture is the focus as well as a medium with which all walks of life can engage and interact. This installation serves as a prologue for the public architectural library in AaaM’s studio space in PMQ Block A S610.


AaaM (Architecture as a Medium) is a design studio that focuses on architectural design, cultural research and art curation, with over 10 years’ experience in the architectural field across London, the Netherlands, Paris, Vienna and Shanghai. We apply architectural concepts and theories to any agenda, e.g. social, political, etc. Through this methodology, we open up discussions among stakeholders, thus conceive feasible and creative responses to daily subject-matters.