Ping Bing Pong

11/24 - 12/4


1100 - 2000

Trilingua Design

Most sports games are designed in a binary opposition mode, for instance, basketball, soccer, table tennis, etc., reflecting an inclination towards an “either or” mentality. This inevitably emphasises the differences that foster rivalry between groups of people. The installation attempts to challenge and examine such norm in a playful and relaxed manner.

This re-designed table tennis breaks the binary opposition. A circular self-revolving table allows multiple players to compete in all directions. Players could compete individually or join hands randomly to form teams.


Design style, like language, varies according to cultural backgrounds and geographic regions. With an ambition of re-defining Hong Kong visual culture, designer Adonian Chan and Tsui Sau-Yi Chris established Trilingua Design in 2010.

Trilingua emphasises on every project’s intrinsic essence, and through these understanding we choose the most suitable design language and medium to
deliver the essence of the message. Trilingua provides multi-disciplinary design services, including branding, visual identity, environmental graphic, publication design and multimedia design. Clients range from commercial to cultural / art groups.