11/25 - 12/4



Jacqueline Chak, Genevieve Chew, Yan Choy, Amanda Ho, Rosanna Kwok

To dare to dream is to live life in colour.

We love interactive street art – especially when it allows people to express their desires anonymously, without fear of judgment or reprisal. Our project looks to give the public the opportunity to look within themselves and recall the little dreams that they dared to dream.

The function of DREAM WEAVER is to allow one’s imagination to run wild, and to celebrate the ways in which people interact with public artworks.

Public art is remarkable for the ways in which it can unify communities, inspire exploration and creativity, and allow people to experience their surroundings in nuanced, visually stunning ways. DREAM WEAVER is as much a celebration of people as it is of celebrating the city of Hong Kong.

Our project errs towards a positive community, giving little ones to dream of living with unicorns, learning to fly, or sitting next to their best friend in class.

Hong Kong in itself is a weave of different cultures and traditions. This project celebrates the beautiful marriage of deep rooted Chinese traditions and the modern influence of western cultures.

DREAM WEAVER is a journey, for us the curators as well as for the public; and we would like to use deTour as a platform to create the awareness and possibility of dreaming.

From here, we will bring our installation to various parts of the city, be it alleyways, landmarks or public spaces to involve the public to weave their dreams with ourselves, for, ultimately, to live in a united community, is to celebrate each other’s dreams.


A team of aspiring architects and designers passionate in promoting design excellence, consistently pushing the boundaries and seeking to deliver designs of exceptional quality. The team has an extensive knowledge and exposure to multi-cultural design philosophies and has a diverse and broad-based design experience. Their extensive project background ranges from fashion design to interior and architectural design. Their installation DREAM WEAVER was previously exhibited at HKIA’s “Reveal 2” exhibition in Artistree.