Indigo Rain

11/24 - 12/4

Hollywood 4/F H405 Pop up

1100 - 2000

Yeung Chin
Chan Lan Kee

Indigo Rain is an experimental installation presenting the relationships between indigo, fashion and nature. Indigo liquid will be dripped from the top onto dress, fabric roll, paper or furniture at the base, gradually, in the course of exhibition, transforming the latter into pieces of art. The work will dye different materials, possibly anything in the world, to explore what may be dyed. Besides, there will be a dancer to interact with indigo rain to discover more possibilities of the indigo dye.


Yeung Chin

Yeung Chin is a former student at Alternatif Fashion Workshop, Clothing Industry Training Authority and HKU SPACE. As an active member of Alternatif, he won the top creative award at Hong Kong Young Designer’s Contests (YDC) held by The Hong Kong Trade Development Council in 2003. After that he participated in the Hong Kong Fashion Week’s fashion show from 2003 to 2006. Besides, he also assisted the stage costume design for City Contemporary Dance Company (CCDC)’s theatre Nijinsky and Iron and Silk in 2009. From 2006 to 2008 he worked in Li Ning, a Chinese sportswear company, as a senior fashion designer and assisted in the designing of sportswear for China Team in Beijing Olympics. He obtained his M.A. Fashion Design from the University of Westminster in 2009. In the same year he won the YDC Special Mention awarded by Hong Kong Design Centre and exhibited his work during Cheer’s Exhibition held at London OXO Tower London. In 2010 he designed the stage costume for Happily N’ ever After, another production by CCDC. In 2013 he held personal exhibitions in Asia Society’s gallery and Hong Kong Heritage Museum. After being the Chief Fashion Designer in G2000, he was invited to join New York Fashion Week and Singapore Design Centre exhibition in 2015. He is now a guest lecturer at the Hong Kong Design Institute of VTC, and has established his own fashion brand in PMQ, named after his own name.

Chan Lan Kee
Chan Lan Kee is a locally based indigo dye workshop, aims to create durable life style products from indigo process.