Old Begets New

11/24 - 12/4

Staunton 5/F S506 Pop up

1100 - 2000

Cotton Car


The modern way of living has reached a state that sustainability is the new necessity.

Back then, our ancestors have not only met their essential needs, but were also able to live in balance with nature. As a result, they could cultivate a habitable and sustainable environment for succeeding generations. Perhaps we should look into their traditional wisdom on natural world when driving design innovation for a desirable future.

For this project, we start with delving into one of the traditional materials: bamboo mat which can be often seen in Chinese kitchen. Our intention is to reveal its forgotten value and repurpose its use with new interpretation.


Aiming to rediscover the beauty of traditional materials, we explore the possibilities of geometric transformation on hexagon bamboo hand-woven pieces. Progressively, the intuitive perception evolves into a modular framework. Each individual bamboo piece is rolled into a cylinder and held in position by knots. Then the bamboo cylinders are assembled into an entity in a radial pattern which reinforces the structural stability, while enhancing the visual quality of cast shadow.


The bamboo cylinders can be either hanging from the ceiling as display or stacking from the floor to create an immense three-dimensional structure which can be modified into space divider and shading system. Once light bulbs are installed, the light is diffused and spread through the weaving pattern of cylinders; the effect is beautiful.


Workshops will be organised for the public to experience and explore the possibilities of making with these bamboo mats. Their works will contribute to the evolving form of the exhibits.


About SOIL

Founded in 2012, SOIL aims to promote crafts through the inspiring history, culture and humanity behind them. We offer a new perspective and experience to traditional crafts through design research projects. In collaborations with designers and craftsmen across different disciplines and cultures, we hope to create better craft designs exposed to alternative methods and materials. Collaboration spreads our design sphere of influence and breaks down walls with new approaches.

About Cotton Car

Carman Cheung is an architectural designer by training. She has created her design label Cotton Car, born out of the enthusiasm about handicrafts and the fascination for graphic pattern. Her primary source of inspiration comes from daily life, or everything around her. Cotton Car’s mission is to incorporate traditional design elements into contemporary product innovation through exploratory process. Keen on fabric creation due to its long history and versatility in nature, Cotton Car focuses on handbag collections.