The Leftover

11/24 - 12/4

Staunton 4/F S414 Pop up

1100 - 2000

Kit Cheuk
Jimmy Ho

The first 50-cent coin was made in 1866 with 90% silver, followed by copper-nickel alloy and nickel-brass alloy. The precious metal content has been declining over the years. With Hong Kong’s change of sovereignty, the 50-cent coin has become brass-plated steel casting with the Bauhinia flower pattern. The Leftover represents the Gresham’s Law, a law of economics stating that consumers choose to retain coin money with high purity and high content of precious metal, and trade in market with debased money with low fineness. Bad money thus drives out the good money, while our asset’s value experiences inflation in meantime. These phenomena lead us to re-examine the real value of coin money, and to question the benefits of the series of local economic games for the people.


Local designers passionate in space branding, art and installation, photography, and social-political architecture.