Outline and Structural Fun of Chinese Type


Staunton 7/F S710-711 Pop up

SUN (日) 27/12 12noon - 2pm

Julius Hui

The workshop consists of two parts. In the first part, participants are given lot of strokes, and started composing 1–2 Chinese Song-ti (serifed-style) characters according to the screen shown by the mentor. The exercise aims to show participants the gist of Chinese type’s legibility: outline shape. In the second part, participants are given a few distinctive Chinese characters, and the horizontal strokes’ weight of which are wrongly proportioned. They will have to decide the weight of each stroke. After this exercise, participants will have a better understanding of Chinese characters’ structural essence.

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Julius Hui, Senior Type Designer at Monotype, is a Chinese typeface designer and typographer based in Hong Kong. Before joining Monotype, he was a font developer at Dalton Maag and font designer at Xin Gothic development team (VM Type), responsible for both HP and Intel branding font projects. He has also designed Chinese logotypes for the Chinese New York Times as well as Bloomberg Businessweek. Julius started publishing articles frequently in 2012. He founded Han Wan Tang to support type and typography education in 2014, and eventually started his own font project “Aero Mincho”. Julius was nominated for Antalis Paper Pacific’s “10-20-30 Design Young Guns” in Sept 2015.