Recycled Seed Paper Workshop


Hollywood 4/F H4D, H4E Verandah
(instead of Hollywood 5/F H5A, H5B Verandah)

Sun (日) 27/11 2:00pm - 3:00pm
Sun (日) 27/11 4:00pm - 5:00pm

Sap Fong

Imagine what could you do with waste paper in your everyday life? Take a moment to rethink about what could we do to give waste paper a second life. Join us for a creative workshop, and we will show you how easy and fun it is to make your own recycled seed paper with simple tools found around us. Not only can you write or draw on this paper but you can also grow your own beautiful plant and delicious herb from the paper that is handmade by yourself.

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We see the story behind every object from nature and everyday life, weaving these into a collection of anecdotes. Sap Fong began with the process of collecting and rethinking of the used and found objects. Through exploration, we uncovered new perspectives from everyday life.