Kokedama Workshop


Hollywood 3/F H3B Verandah

SUN (日) 27/11 1:00pm - 2:00pm

Lai Farm

Kokedama, a form of Japanese bonsai, can trace its long history back to the Edo period in Japan, and is still popular today. Kokedama is solely handmade with all different sorts of small plants, rooted in a sphere of soil covered by moss. It combines the beauty of nature and craftsmanship, and carries a strong Japanese taste. Kokedama is easy to take care of as it doesn’t need a lot of effort to maintain. This workshop will teach participants how to create Kokedama suitable for Hong Kong, and basic techniques in growing and watering them. Have some green at home, and create your own therapeutic Kokedama!

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Combining the names of a local elderly couple, Lai Tsang Mi Organic Farm (Lai Farm), is located in Kam Sheung Road at the foot of the Tai Mo Shan.
With the mission “Farming for life in the past” and “Farming for Joy in the present”, we grow different crops by seasons. We believe in organic farming which serves as the best natural products to keep consumer healthy and safe. Never have we ever used pesticides and chemical fertilisers.
With our genuine passion in farming, we hope to encourage people to learn more about green life through growing and farming in our farms!