Incense Workshop


Staunton 7/F S710-711 Pop-up Unit

Fri (五) 2/12 7:00pm - 9:00pm

okapi studio

okapi studio will introduce the traditional culture of incense and its production process Participants will also get to know how to create handmade incense of different scents and shapes. Depending on the combination of the natural ingredients, the final product can be used as scented incense or insect repellent. Since ash from burnt incense is rich in nutrients, participants may use it as fertilisers for plants by mixing it into the soil. As such we can fully utilise the gift of nature and live with a greater environmental awareness in our daily life.

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Founded by a visual art graduate, okapi studio aims at unleashing the potential of simple materials, bringing creativity into everybody's life. What really matters to us? This is a question for everyone. How can we strike a balance between development and cultural heritage? In okapi studio, we believe in the uniqueness of different materials, hoping to re-define them via a series of interactive workshops and events.