KanjiCooker Workshop


Staunton 7/F S710-711 Pop up

27 Nov 2pm-4pm

Joe Chang

KanjiCooker is inspired by TypeCooker™ which is a lettering assignment in Type and Media, developed by Erik van Blokland. By deconstructing the features of letterform into visual elements, TypeCooker™ generates random parameters to create a “recipe” for cooking the letters. KanjiCooker is derived from TypeCooker™ but with parameters specially modified for Kanji. Based on the “recipe”, you can try to match as many parameters as you can to create lettering by hands. Through acquiring the rudiments of Kanji, KanjiCooker can help to understand Chinese typeface design and generate ideas quickly.

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Joe (Hsuan-Hao) Chang is a type designer from Taipei, Taiwan. In 2011, he completed a one-year professional course at Type & Media, KABK. Prior to that, he worked as a type designer in Dynacomware for two years. In 2014, He founded Eyeson Type to provide multilingual type design, typographic matchmaking consultancy and a series of type-related workshops like calligraphy and lettering.