11/25 - 12/4



okapi studio
Max Cheng, Tam Yuen-Hing, Luk Chun-Wang

Our pursuit for speed and efficiency has blinded us from the simple fact that life is made up of little, seemingly insignificant things. While camera signifies the capture and freezing of memory, different faces of Hong Kong landscapes are printed on the filters. Standing still, viewers can insert different filters to appreciate the beauty of these localities, while their curiosity is aroused via the bizarrely displaced landscape-filters.

Yet, the scenery of Sheung Wan (PMQ) is missing in the filter collection. It is the hope of the creator that the viewers, who have their feet set in Sheung Wan, will come to understand the maxim of “living in the moment”; they will slow down their pace to appreciate the men and things around them, and eventually create their very own filter to see this world.


okapi studio aims at unleashing the potential of simple materials, bringing creativity into everybody's life.

What really matters to us? This is a question for everyone. How can we strike a balance between development and cultural heritage? In okapi studio, we believe in the uniqueness of different materials, hoping to re-define them via a series of interactive workshops and events.