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The Scope of Your Universe

Universe is an infinite space, full of unknown and undiscovered things. Facing for this boundless environment, curiosities of the heart are the important issue for exploring more possibilities and unknown knowledge. The Artist believes that the breadth of mind is controlling the scope of the vision. This project uses heartbeat as a metaphor of human ambition. Through the design of the custom-made installations, heartbeat becomes a force to create (draw) the view of the boundless universe environment. In brief, this work uses speaker vibration of heartbeat sound to draw star-like diagrams, which will be reflected to the ceiling to create a cosmic atmosphere and trigger new sounds.

Leung Kei-cheuk, GayBird

Hong Kong born composer, musician, researcher and new media artist. He was graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts with a master degree, specializing in music composition and electro-acoustic music. In 2011, He has received the Hong Kong City University Research Tuition Scholarship, and obtained Master of Philosophy at the City University of Hong Kong, specializing his research and creation in human control interface design, new media art and the interactivity of live music performance with application of media technology. Since 1996, he has started working in the Hong Kong music industry as music director, composer and producer for over a hundred of music productions, new media performance, concerts and TV commercials. His works have been nominated or awarded in Asian Composer League music Competition, CASH Golden Sail Music Award, Hong Kong Film Award, Taiwan Golden House Film Award , Chinese Music Media Awards , Hong Kong Design Award and TVB Music Award, etc. In 2011, he collaborated with a few Hong Kong new media artists, and successfully brought up a new media music experiment – Digital Hug. The production was awarded Hong Kong Design Award 2011 Bronze Award for new media performance. GayBird was awarded Best Electronic Music Artist at the Chinese Music Media Awards 2012 for the album of same title, and also awarded for the Ten Outstanding Designers Awards 2012 from the Hong Kong Art and Design Festival. In 2012, Digital Hug has already toured Macao Cultural Centre, FILE – Electronic Language International Festival in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and Cloud Adventure - 2012 Digital Art Festival held at Kaohsiung and Taipei, EXIT-Digital Art festival in Paris France, Scopitone – Art Festival in Nantes, France, TEDxKowloon and TEDxTaipei. In 2013, he collaborated with Japanese singer-song writer UA and a few Hong Kong new media artists successful brought up a band new work – CouCou on Mars. He has published albums includes Snow in June, Only Multiplex, Made by Gaybird , Digital Hug and CouCou on Mars.

Qube (2 FL)

2015/11/27 (Fri) – 2015/12/6 (Sun)