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MobArt x deTour (I) – Dragon Paper

Toilet paper, an ubiquitous daily object, is closely related to modern people’s life. In this work, the artist Hui Hoi Kiu uses the form of Chinese painting to draw a long Chinese dragon’s pattern on a roll of toilet paper. From the Qin Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty, the ever-changing traditional Chinese dragons will be connected in a length of about 10 to 15 meters toilet paper and eventually becomes a container of texture images of ancient dragons. The artist hopes that while the audience is watching this piece of work, they can also imagine their own dragons which belong to this generation; thus transforming the nature of the daily object — toilet paper by switching the properties of functional objects into fine art.


Hui Hoi Kiu
Hui Hoi Kiu received her BA (Hons) in Visual Arts from the Hong Kong Baptist University in 2014. She then studied BA in Chinese Painting in Minzu University of China (Beijing) for one year in 2012 as an exchange student. And now, she is studying MA in Experimental Art in the Central Academy of Fine Arts. She studies and works in between Hong Kong and Beijing now.
MobArt started as a “mobile” gallery in 2009 curating art exhibitions in public spaces such as restaurants, cafes, hotels, with the aim of elevating people's interest and appreciation for art by making it an integral part of everyday life, which will in turn foster an environment that supports and nurtures creative talents.
After a break from exhibitions, our ambition to bring art into your space and promote art as a lifestyle is unchanged. We have since expanded our community to 100+ artists and repositioned ourselves as the bridge between creative talents and those who value and seek creativity, working collaboratively with private and corporate clients.

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2015/11/27 (Fri) – 2015/12/6 (Sun)