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“Spectra” is an interactive installation that controls light movement by sensoring human walking path. The installation is in the shape of a distorted tunnel space, where kinetic shades are installed on top. When visitor walk through the tunnel, each sensor would trigger its corresponding shades to rotate, beams of sunlight would then pass through the shade and shine in the tunnel.

This interaction generates a perceptual illusion of lights for visitors during their walking experience, while twisting motion of the shades produces rhythmic waves throughout the tunnel. This responsive installation engages visitor to observe and be aware of their existence by transitional space and light.


WARE is a new media art studio, established with an aim to drive innovation in art and technology. Varying from electronic gadgets to sensory environments, we envision the future of digital experience. Projects are often made in collaboration across different field, including interactive installation and multimedia performances. We also participate in various art festivals as technical director and our designs for live performance and exhibition have been shown in Hong Kong, Taipei, Italy and Germany.

Hollywood Garden (G FL)

2015/11/27 (Fri) – 2015/12/6 (Sun)