deTour 2022

Design as One

S313, 3/F, Block A, PMQ

Moving, settling in and resettling again – moving homes is a journey that brings together what you SEE and SAW, the present and the past captured in one moment.

The Moving Atlas depicts and weaves together every journey of moving to present the human emotions and sentiments entangled in the process. Every thread represents an individual’s journey of moving, and every move is also a journey of personal growth – a decision driven by a complex web of reasons in life.

In the Moving Atlas, a collection of stories and memories are woven along the threads to form a matrix representing people moving in different scales – from journeys nearby to expeditions far across the globe. In these constant acts of moving, we continuously search for a home, settle in and then look forward to moving again. Whilst we may all live under the same vast sky, we might not meet one another until we start weaving our journeys together – to see how our lives are intertwined and to tell our individual stories, as one.

Architectural designer Zhou Gangyi and sound designer Chan Man Ching also contributed to the creation of this work.

Cheung Hei Man

Based in Hong Kong, Cheung Hei Man seeks inspiration from writing and indulges herself in imagination. Graduating with degrees in Public and Urban Policy and Politics and Sociology from the University of Glasgow, Scotland, her speech and thoughts are inevitably blended with a touch of accent.

Chong Suen

Chong Suen graduated with a Master of Landscape Architecture with a background in humanities, and is currently a landscape designer and data storyteller. Fascinated by the relationship between urban living and the individual, she is keen to discover the emotions and warmth embedded in sensory data and quantitative information – combing and interpreting the seemingly incoherent tales into relatable urban stories.