deTour 2022

Design as One

Courtyard & Marketplace, G/F, PMQ

Data is shaped by our perceptions. More than just cold hard facts, every piece of data is a unique manifestation of an individual, a living breathing human being. They are not static, yet open for interpretation.

Hello, Data! is an ongoing data sample collected to reflect the community’s point-of-view on the neighbourhood of Central. The project is an attempt to humanise and shed new light on data – creating new interpretations and experiences of data. Participants are open to read the information using their own lens, or shift their perspectives when looking at the same set of data.

Neighbourhood Innovation Lab

Neighbourhood Innovation Lab (NIL) is a neighbourhood innovation agency established by Architecture Commons in 2019. NIL is a catalyst of systemic change through a range of strategic innovation options and experiments oriented around structural levers of change – designed with and for problem owners such as city and regional governments; property developers; industry leaders; community organisations and policymakers.

NIL acts as a multi-dimensional platform – working across boundaries, fostering innovation to drive transformation. The agency facilitates the formation of innovation collaborators across sectors to co-create and test community-driven ideas for change directly with the community and the stakeholders.