deTour 2023

New Know How – Crafting Design Future

H508, 5/F, Block B, PMQ

G.Astronauts’ Choice is a fun, immersive space travel food design experience and also a social experiment that seeks to examine the different outcomes of participatory design when participants are given varying levels of power and responsibility to ponder over and decide on their food choices when travelling in space – a futuristic context that is totally possible within our lifetime.

Participants are invited to be part of this edible experience featuring multi-sensorial interactions and a playful installation that involves them in the design process of space food. At the same time, data will be collected to document the different choice-making behaviours when participants are assigned different roles in the design process. This includes four sets of random conditions where participants are given or denied the power to change the final result; whether they would commit to the decision by receiving a space food recipe card, and a chance to win a tasting session at the end of the experience.


G.Astronaut is a group of creative practitioners from various fields, including product, food, mechanical and generative design. Comprising of Cindy Chan, Heinrik Ng, Hugo Ip and Joseph Wan, the team seeks to convey critical thoughts and stimulate reflections on the everyday through narratives told in immersive environments.

In particular, Cindy and Heinrik have curated creative experiences in several public art and food design projects under the name of Deep Food. With a background in producing automated manufacturing systems, Joseph aspires to revive traditional craft through the contemporary approach of generative design. A product designer by profession, Hugo is a maker with an experimental spirit who brings his playful thoughts and imaginations to reality by crafting functional yet inspiring objects.