deTour 2023

New Know How – Crafting Design Future

Courtyard & Marketplace, G/F, PMQ

Different colours carry different meanings, but can the meanings be absolutely defined? Designers choose colours precisely, so messages can be conveyed effectively. We have learnt the meanings of colours in different everyday scenarios to make life easier – for instance, in traffic, red means to stop or to pay attention. Colours can also affect our subconscious – like how blue decreases our appetite when it comes to food. These meanings are also influenced by different contexts and cultures, especially when it comes to the colours of our skin.

The way colours are interpreted is affected by various conditions and circumstances, and colours when combined with stereotypes can blind us. Should we be defined by the colours of our skin? As lifestyles around the world become more similar, colours and skin tones might mislead us – allowing biases to cloud the true nature of people and situations. Are we really seeing things as they are?

Colour Bar advocates for us to see our skin colours purely as colours, with no form nor prejudice. Let’s rethink whether we should let the colours of our skin define us.

Michael Leung (Studio AA)

After completing the Masters course – Contextual Design at Design Academy Eindhoven, Michael Leung co-founded his design studio in the Netherlands in 2010. Michael’s works explore different aspects of design – from crafts, industry, design systems to sustainability. His work has been exhibited at Milan and Dutch Design Week, Vitra Design Museum and other international design exhibitions and museums.

In 2014, Michael was named one of Perspective’s 40 Under 40. He was also a recipient of the Hong Kong Young Design Talent Award in 2008. A co-founder of the design brands MOLTON and MOON Laboratory, Michael has curated for the ‘Hong Kong Department Store’ exhibition. With his collaborations with Germany’s Vitra Design Museum and curatorial works and exhibition design for United Kingdom’s V&A, Michael’s creativity is reflected in the form of exhibitions as well. In recent years, he has curated for ‘deTour’ and ‘SSP_People’.