deTour 2022

Design as One

5/F Verandah, Block B, PMQ

The constant routine of daily life is gradually eroding people’s curiosity to learn more about their immediate communities. In this exhibition, we will be part of an interactive puzzle to explore a pilot community in Central and Sheung Wan – in the hope of unveiling hidden possibilities of the community through the ‘Co-Encrypted Unlimited’ approach.

The showcase is divided into two main areas. The first area presents the ‘cultural fluidity of the community’ in two ways – a capital-led approach of integrating cultural elements with new technologies, and a community-led approach of rebuilding the culture of the community in a local but effective manner. The second area of the showcase focuses on ‘cultural heritage’ with a puzzle that will take you on a journey through the community, discovering the fading memories of the past and demonstrating how the power of capital can revive lost history.

Sunny Ko Cheuk Yat | Co-Encrypted Unlimited

Hong Konger. Studies Chinese. Learns Philosophy.

“It seems that my destiny would be to teach or to beg. We are forced to conform, and unable to resist. In a capitalist society, there are too many things that are accepted as normal – low productivity, life on a countdown, and being left behind by time. Maybe I’m just like the old districts and collective memories – in need of new methods of survival. It may not be glamorous, but at least we are here, surviving with what we have.”

Rex Kwan Lai Yin | Co-Encrypted Unlimited

“Design is real, yet fictional.
Design is free, yet confined.
Design is mature, yet childish.
Design is personal, yet shared.
Design is ever-changing, yet unchanging.”
– A Communication Design student who doesn’t understand design

Oscar Lau Ho Yin | Co-Encrypted Unlimited

“If trusting or untrusting everything turns to idleness, then try everything. Currently in the process.”

Henry Liu Chun Hei | Co-Encrypted Unlimited

“I’d rather be a versatile individual than being talented in only one aspect. Being good at biology doesn’t mean one can’t be a businessman; having a passion for computers doesn’t mean a career in IT; an organiser of outdoor activities doesn’t have to be a triathlete; building miniature models does not mean someone is a loner. In this generation, no one should set limits for themselves!”

Yip Ka Kit | Co-Encrypted Unlimited

“Hong Kong is a place where the East meets West, and learning English here seems to be more fun. With Western culture and thoughts being brought to Hong Kong and the increasing reservedness of history, what would happen when seeds from a foreign country sprout in Hong Kong?”