deTour Matters

From Microtopias to Social Innovation

As a tridimensional matrix, Hong Kong offers a very peculiar and specific public domain. There is always an intense and unstoppable flux of people, goods and desires, yet the city offers many microtopias –petite and intimate places for you and me to actually sit down, to chat, to gather. They withstand as common ground for cultural and creative dialogues, as incubator for our diversity of attitudes and lifestyles, as well as retreat for individual dreams and microtopias*. In 2013, from November 29th to December 8th, deTour installed and activated, along the historical public transportation system on the Island, a series of microtopias, including some architectural settings as well as a few un-usual, converted trams.


deTour Black Box

With the contrast between the uncovered aluminum alloy envelope which reflected the neighborhood and the dimly lit interior space simulating a pinhole camera, deTour Black Box was designed to initiate profound and contemplations among people and the city.

The Hennessy

deTour Eatery

Participants were invited to enjoy the taste and visual of the city at the deTour EATERY. For the breakfast and afternon tea session, seniors ,youth and underprivileged are invited, whereas for lunch session we encouraged passengers to bring their own food on board. There were total 19 free meals offered on this moving dining space.

Shau Kei Wan Tram Terminus


Co-creator: Wooshing Machine
4 men sit on White Box together orchestrated an urban ritual based on rhythmic leg.


Hong Kong Heritage Building Photography

Co-creator: Emilie Rolin
Installation by Emilie Rolin ran in parallel of her exhibition “Reflexion”at bFelix. Her work reflects the diverse experiences of our life’s journey by depicting achievements in every picture. Her photography focuses on Hong Kong historical buildings such as local traditions and rites.


Vernacular Architecture and Typograph

Co-creator: ERG
An exhibtion from ERG, a famous Brussels based School of Graphic Design.