Design Renegade


Design Renegade directs the attention of the public to explore our “right to the city”. We’ve assembled an outstanding group of artists and designers from Hong Kong and around the globe to act as agents of change, to be Design Renegades. We’ve asked them to imagine how Hong Kong’s public spaces would look and feel if they were designed for our health and wellbeing, to support the sharing of resources and generosity, versus competition and profit.We are challenging artists, designers, and the public to seek niches and loopholes in the social and spatial fabric of the city and to exploit these loopholes for public benefit, benevolence and delight.


Uni - One, Single. From Latin uni-, combining form of unus(“one”)

“Uni – One, Single. From Latin uni-, combining form of unus(“one”).”
Drawing on the concept of Uni(form), Yesterdayskin’s creative take on the single fixed form of an object transforms it with a mixed media wrap to complete a metamorphosis. The creative team uses uniform as a core element for their works for DETOUR 2012, as it symbolically represents “classes”, “system”, and “order” – which may need to be opposed.


“TAKE ME” Leather Workshop

Co-creator: Butcher Lab
Butcher Lab provided all the leather, materials, tools and other equipment for participants to make a bag that made of leather, it aimed to solve the problem of the lack of public spaces in Hong Kong where people could distribute their own flyers, whether “personal” or promotional.

Experimental Jewellery Workshop

Co-creator: AVA, HKBU, Lead by Cicy Ching
Organised by Academy of Visual Arts – Hong Kong Baptist University, this workshop taught participants how to make jewellery and showcase it with one’s body, creating a form of art that also conveys messages.

Eggy Candle Workshop

Co-creator: KaCaMa
The Eggy Candle Workshop demonstrated how to use eggshells to create a special yet eco-friendly candle.

Permaculture Water System and Composting Workshop

Co-creator: Mapopo Community Farm
Formed by a farming family and a group of young men from the city, Mapopo Community Farm from Fan Ling held a permaculture water system and composting workshop. it showcased how waste water can be filtered and recycled for reuse.

Coast Modules / Paper Reconstructing Workshop

Co-creator: Stickyline
Participants in the Coast Modules / Paper Reconstructing workshop were given building materials for the artwork Coast Modules / Polygon Landfilling and participated in the creative process with the help of instructors.

Design Dialogues