As an important concurrent event of Business of Design Week, deTour 2014 intends to engage wider participation, including designers at PMQ, overseas and local designers and local community to bring awareness and value to design, arts and culture. Utilizing PMQ as the anchor site, young creative talents are free to express themselves in different forms and medium. Commercial operators in the neighborhood and other communities are encouraged to promote and celebrate creativity in design, arts and culture.


Writing on the Wall 3D Audiovisual Experience

Co-creator: AXO
We are pushing unique and innovative story-driven creative and plastering it across the city in events, parties and functions through the use of 3D projection-mapping, LEDs and other unique screen and display techniques.


Play Me If You Want Hong Kong Public Space Initiative

Inside the landscaped open space at the 4/F Plateau of PMQ, you are encouraged to pick a musical instrument like the piano or guitar and “co-create” your masterpiece with your friends, or even a newly-met stranger! We aim not only to enhance social interactions at public space, but also to provide you an opportunity to ignite your creativity to utilize public space with art and music.

Design Dialogues

Sweden Dialogue

Speakers: Rahel Belatchew Lerdell, Lars Mattiasson, Torsten Schenler & Martin Hallberg


Art Loop

Co-creator: HKAGW
During the workshop student will select the everyday object and work with their classmate to create a graffiti to fill up the whole room, the project will involve with camera and video, at the same time there will be an introduction of art history.

The Material Playground

Co-creator: THE FABRICK LAB.
Elaine Ng Yan Ling, also known as the ‘techno fairy’ by Elle Decor, founder of THE FABRICK LAB, brings together textiles, electronics, biomimicry, interiors and installations.

Swiss Art Van Gogh Workshop and Exhibition

Co-creator: Swiss Art Studio
Life story of Van Gogh by local young artist and exhibition of Impresionissm style student works inpired by Van Gogh.

Table Talk

Co-creator: School of Design and Craft at the University of Gothenburg (HDK)
Table-talk aims to join HDK, Hong Kong based creatives, professionals, students and visitors at one table to share food and thoughts around design and HDK. The idea is to encourage an honest open-ended exchange of thoughts in a relaxed environment.

Joint Wooden Structures

Co-creator: School of Design and Craft at the University of Gothenburg (HDK)
Coiling is a basketry technique that is used globally, and can be done with almost any material and without tools.By combining these unwanted materials with a universal basketry technique this problem can be addressed and also generate an income for the communities affected by this.