Connection with the theme of "Connection", deTour 2015 intended to engage wider participation, connecting designers at PMQ, overseas and local designers and local community to join force to bring awareness and value to design, arts and culture. Following the success of hosting deTour 2014, PMQ continues the mission to further introduce and expand deTour 2015 to the ever more increasing audiences in Hong Kong and around the world; bringing international content into our premises and have them interacted with local talents to create opportunities for connection and collaboration.


deTour 2015 @ PMQ


Creative Mart

Creative Mart @ PMQ showcased local and unique products from food, to stationery, gifts to clothes.

Design Dialogues

Inspired, connected

Co-creator: ZHEN Porcelain Speakers: Takeshi Yasuda, Agustina Garrigou, JAKIE Leung, Julie Progin, Jesse Mclin, Fiona Wong Contemporary ceramic artists from very different cultural backgrounds shared their insights and inspirations of art creations and how their art is connected with everyday life.


EuroPop Workshops

1) Workshop for children with Faber-Castell & Elle Kids (French . German Chambers of Commerce, Hong Kong) 2) Celebration with Saint Nicolas at German Pop-Up Shop (German Industry and Commerce Limited)

Connect with Taste (III) – “We are on the same plate”

It is a workshop that paticipants can enjoy the food culture and interact with ceramic artists from different countries over the world.

Connect with Taste (II) – "Below and Above" feast for thepovertyline

In collaboration with #thepovertyline exhibition in deTour 2015, PMQ Taste Library selected 10 images submitted locally to prepare 10 creative recipes using the ingredients shown in the chosen images and shared the tasty dishes with participants.

Connect with Taste (I) – “Cook with us”

Curator: Craig Au Yeung、Edward Yip In response to the theme of deTour 2015, “CONNECTION”, cook lovers cooked their favourite dish in the Taste Library's fully equipped kitchen and created an enjoyable connection with their friends, family and others.

deTour x MobArt 2015 Printmaking with Glue Gun Stencils

Co-creator: Mobart Artist: Wun Ting Tai Artist demonstrated and the participants learned how to make stencils out of hot glue, which was used to make prints on paper.

deTour x MobArt 2015 Chinese Painting on Toilet Paper

Co-creator: MobArt; Artist: Hui Hoi Kiu Artist demonstrated and let the participants experience how to use traditional Chinese ink or colour to paint on toilet paper.

Creative Music Workshop (II) - Collective Music Think Tank

Artist: Vicky Fung, Leung Pak Kin In this workshop, participants co-created songs and experienced real-time song writing with two native musicians.

Creative Music Workshop (I) - "Nothing will be wasted" Upcycling Music

Curator: Vicky Fung Artist: Michael Lai, Kevin Cheung In the workshop, parents and kids were asked to work together, to make recycled bottle made instruments with their own creativity and family style, and to explore the reusable potential of "wastes" , the infinite possibilities of creativity.

Mr Hammers

Co-creator: Mr. Hammers This workshop made use of waste materials, along with interesting building materials such as cement to create useful products. In the workshop, participants explored the possibilities of waste treatment, savor the joy of creation and reflect on how to reduce environment load in life.

Sovereign Art Foundation Art Lab

Co-creator: Sovereign Art Foundation Sovereign Art Foundation - a charity that raises money to help disadvantaged children using arts as rehabilitation, education and therapy. This workshop made children can unleash their creativity on graffiti wall and custom-made bag, or go wild with BUBBLE ART!

Porcelain Christmas

Co-creator: JL Ceramics Workshop & ZHEN Porcelain This workshop was led by Hong Kong based ceramic artist JAKIE Leung and ZHEN, the leading platform in China for contemporary ceramic art and design. The workshop provided participants opportunity to experience ceramic art in person.

Green B Urban Farming + Upcycle Planter Workshop

Co-creator: Smiley Planet This workshop aims to let children experience how vegetables are grown is probably one of the best ways to encourage them to cherish their food, and let children be little urban farmers and establish a closer connection to plants and soil.