Game Changer

“Innovation makes life better, while creativity determines our future.”

With an increasing number of the world’s population living with modern technology, innovative design is a key investment in smart cities like Hong Kong. But what makes a better future, how do we benefit from innovative lifestyle and how do we achieve ingenious advancement? In deTour 2016, we approach arts, design, technology and society to start new conversations, imagine new futures and forge human connections across the city. Our vision is to converge a spectrum of creative ideas that are malleable and idiosyncratic, presenting diverse opinions on how we see the future of our world.

GAME CHANGER - we mean this in its dual sense; firstly, how creativity and designs can completely change the way we perceive and act in the world, and more importantly, whether and how we can change our perception of what design really is, and how it should be carried out. Being a game changer transforms the way people approach what they do; they observe and approach problems from multiple perspectives, empathise, ideate, design and iterate, leading the role up front.

Creativity ranges from practitioners and thinkers, spectacular and complex, to playful and emotional. Commissioned artists may respond in any media as long as the resulting work is visionary. Ultimately we hope to create a captivating atmosphere and transformative experiences, to arouse public consciousness and to influence creative practices.


2016 Highlights


deTour 2016 Snap!

We play along with set of rules in conventional ball games. Whether we play against one another, in teams, or practise on our own, we aim to achieve certain objectives in a game. When there are no rules in a game, creativity comes into play. Given a space filled with a pool of balls and no rules, how far can our creativity lead us? This installation captures your creativity into animated GIFs, and let you bring the game home with a QR code.



The artwork is our own interpretation of “Bokusho”, an avant-garde calligraphy. It explores traditional calligraphy and ink painting in a different way. Photos of Japanese pines, calligraphic strokes and alphabets are combined and printed onto translucent fabrics. Visitors are able to walk into the artwork, making them part of a calligraphic pine forest. Do we define an art form by its subject matter, its media or its aesthetic style? This piece attempts to question such definition and become a “game changer” in the field of traditional art.

Design Dialogues

“Centennial Collection”: Lifestyle Tools for the Next Generation

Speakers: Masaki Nakamura (General Manager, “Centennial Collection”), Tomoyuki Kobayashi (Chairman, SUWADA Blacksmith Works. Inc.) During deTour 2016, Good Design Store at PMQ hold the exhibition “Centennial Collection” from Niigata, Japan, plus a talk by Mr. Masaki Nakamura, General Manager of “Centennial Collection”, and Mr. Tomoyuki Kobayashi, Chairman of SUWADA Blacksmith Works. Inc. “Centennial Collection” is an international brand-building project that manufacturers in the Niigata prefecture and the Niigata Industrial Creation Organization (NICO) collaborate to develop a new collection each year. Drawing on a century of heritage, this year the Collection presents lifestyle tools for the next generation.


Make Your Own Bamboo Lampshade

Co-Creator: SOIL & Cotton Car We delve into one of the traditional materials which can often be found in traditional Chinese kitchens -  bamboo mat.  Our intention is to reveal its forgotten value and redifinte it with new purposes.

Frame The Moment With The Sovereign Art Foundation

Co-Creator: Sovereign Art Foundation The Sovereign Art Foundation is excited to invite kids of all ages to get crafty and “Frame The Moment!” At our booth, kids of all ages have the chance to have a blast with arts and crafts, making rainbow-coloured necklaces, decorating their own fun accessories or just relaxing with a space to draw and express themselves through art! Put yourself in our frame, take a snapshot and share the fun across social media, letting friends and family see how far your imagination can take you.

Outline and Structural Fun of Chinese Type

Co-Creator: Julius Hui The workshop consists of two parts: Chinese characters’ outline adjustments and stroke weights through actual amendments on Song-ti and Hei-ti style. The two elements are the two essential parts that decide legibility of Chinese characters. After attending the workshop, participants will have a taste of what Chinese type designers’ daily work is like.

KanjiCooker Workshop

Co-Creator: Joe Chang KanjiCooker is inspired by TypeCooker™ which is a lettering assignment in Type and Media, developed by Erik van Blokland. By deconstructing the features of letterform into visual elements, TypeCooker™ generates random parameters to create a “recipe” for cooking the letters. KanjiCooker is derived from TypeCooker™ but with parameters specially modified for Kanji. Based on the “recipe”, you can try to match as many parameters as you can to create lettering by hands. Through acquiring the rudiments of Kanji, KanjiCooker can help to understand Chinese typeface design and generate ideas quickly.

Green Trunk Workshop

Co-Creator: The Preface Plectranthus amboinicus is a common local organic plant. Herbal tea or juice from this versatile plant can reduce phlegm and cough. This workshop will bring you closer to the story of this local organic plant. Each participant will make a flower pot with pallet scrap wood and bring home  to enjoy the growth of Plectranthus amboinicus.

Family Recipes Workshop: Sing Heung Yuen

Co-Creator: PMQ Taste Library Sing Heung Yuen is one of the most well-known local open-air food stall and they are famous for their tomato and beef noodle soup. This time PMQ Taste Library has invited the owner of Sing Heung Yuen, Irene, to demonstrate a few dishes, the recipes of which have been written down in a book that Irene wrote for her daughter who went study aboard. Irene will share more stories of this cookbook in this “Family Recipes” workshop.

Family Recipes Workshop: Taste of Chiu Chow

Co-Creator: PMQ Taste Library For generations of Hong Kong families, home-cooked meal has always been the most cherished moment of the day, especially to the Chiu Chow people. As the “Family Recipe” campaign will be running throughout next year in PMQ Taste Library, Mr. Au-Yeung Yang-Chai Craig, the curator of Taste Library, will transform the library into a little bistro and demonstrate two iconic Chiu Chow dishes, pig’s stomach in pepper soup and pan-fried oyster cake on November 26. Besides sharing the techniques of making these dishes, he will also talk about his motive of launching this campaign.

Chiu Chow Sweet Soup Workshop

Co-Creator: PMQ Taste Library In this 40-minute workshop, participants will not only watch the demonstration on making traditionally Chiu Chow-style Tapioca jelly cubes, and experience how PMQ Taste Library will be a Game Changer and implement new ideas in such authentic dish. PMQ Taste Library will also prepare various ingredients ready for participants to mix and match, and to create their very own combination of hot sweet soup in such cool weather.

Kokedama Workshop

Co-Creator: Lai Farm Kokedama, a form of Japanese bonsai, can trace its long history back to the Edo period in Japan, and is still popular today. Kokedama is solely handmade with all different sorts of small plants, rooted in a sphere of soil covered by moss. It combines the beauty of nature and craftsmanship, and carries a strong Japanese taste. Kokedama is easy to take care of as it doesn’t need a lot of effort to maintain. This workshop will teach participants how to create Kokedama suitable for Hong Kong, and basic techniques in growing and watering them. Have some green at home, and create your own therapeutic Kokedama!

Upcycled Tree Branch Shaker Workshop

Co-Creator: Sap Fong In contemporary culture where we used to purchase almost everything, let’s take a moment to look at things around us. Inspired by nature, we enjoy creating new things with materials found in nature. Join our upcycling workshop to make your very own tree branch shaker with tree branches found during hiking in Hong Kong, sea shells picked up on beaches in Lantau, and recycled bottle caps saved from local restaurants.

Recycled Seed Paper Workshop

Co-Creator: Sap Fong Imagine what could you do with waste paper in your everyday life? Take a moment to rethink about what could we do to give waste paper a second life. Join us for a creative workshop, and we will show you how easy and fun it is to make your own recycled seed paper with simple tools found around us. Not only can you write or draw on this paper but you can also grow your own beautiful plant and delicious herb from the paper that is handmade by yourself.

“chacha” Printing Class

Co-Creator: Print Studio Ink'chacha Do you remember the sandy touch in printing of your school’s exam papers in the old days ? Little do we know that it was a technique called Risograph. This method of dotted printing is similar to silkscreen printing. This event aims to enable participants to experience the Risograph printing process starting from creation of simple images to making combined printouts. With this printing technique, one can easily turn an image, otherwise uninteresting, into a colourful artistic expression.

Hand-built Ceramic Cup with Terracotta Slip

Co-Creator: Smiling Cone The workshop takes three hours and includes three parts. The tutor (Cone Choi) will first demonstrate the whole process, including hand building and colouring. Participants will then start to hand built their cups based on their sketches prepared beforehand. The last part will be colouring, in which terracotta slip will be the main material. All finished cups will be fired twice. Participants will receive an email for picking up their works at our studio in To Kwa Wan within a month. The finished product will be around 10cm x 10cm x 10cm.

Galaxy Paper Making Workshop

Co-Creator: Somoodstudio “Galaxy Paper” is a non-printable creative material made by paper pulp painting. We collect unwanted paper of different colours to make paper pulp, and the flow of water will create unique and special galaxy patterns on the paper.

Blue Print T-Shirt Workshop

Co-Creator: SHOWA Blue print is an old school printing method. In this workshop we will use this technique to print photo images onto T-shirts.

Christmas Wreath Workshop

Co-Creator: Pause Rewind n FastForward Pause Rewind n FastForward will hold two sessions of Christmas Wreath Workshops in which participants can learn the technique of making wreaths and ways to keep them in good condition. Join us and use your imagination to take your unique Christmas wreath home! (Production time: 2 hours; Quota: 6-8 people / session)

Incense Workshop

Co-Creator: okapi studio okapi studio will introduce the traditional culture of incense and its production process. Participants will also get to know how to create handmade incense of different scents and shapes. Depending on the combination of the natural ingredients, the final product can be used as scented incense or insect repellent. Since ash from burnt incense is rich in nutrients, participants may use it as fertilisers for plants by mixing it into the soil. As such we can fully utilise the gift of nature and live with a greater environmental awareness in our daily life.

Tea Dye Workshop

Co-Creator: Teamade 98% people throw away used tea-leaves after drinking tea. Little do they know that leftover tea-leaves are still useful our daily life. “Teamade” attempts to create a sustainable concept with tea-leaves. In our workshop, we will dye cotton cloth or socks by leftover tea-leaves, adding value to these leftovers and contribute to an environmentally friendly lifestyle. Let produces with a slow living concept create “a cup of good life”!

Photo Lantern

Co-Creator: ARTZWORK PhotoLamps are made of recycled red-wine wooden boxes and brass. We encourage the participants to experience the creative process of using ordinary objects that are neglected in daily life, and, through art, giving such materials a “second life” to extend its value. The design concept combines lantern and transformable photo frames, making PhotoLamps more functional and playful, instead a mere traditional lantern only for festive decoration. Participants will learn techniques such as wood craft and paper tie-dying. Wood and brass will be the major materials used.

Washi Paper Craft by Lomfa Fair

Co-Creator: LomfaFair LomfaFair is devoted to paper making and also delicate book binding. We value the fabrics of each sheet of paper and experience the warmth of it. LomfaFair produces various paper products to remind the public of the respect for paper, as it is one of the most ancient tools to record our memories and cultures. Moreover, handmade paper is the work of artisan which embodies his precise experience and skills.

Triple Colour Tie Dye workshop

Co-Creator: Giants Tie dye Tie dye is an art form about REBORN. A blank fabric will transform into a unique piece after tie dyeing. Tie dye is most interesting for its unpredictability. Even the same dye colours and techniques will not result in the same pattern. It always surprises you, just like life.

"TOUCH-ABLE" Self-Portrait

Co-Creator: BEYOND VISION PROJECTS The “Touch-able” Self-Portrait workshop is an attempt to draw without seeing, so that participants think through drawing our own perception of being sighted and non-sighted.

F&B Corner

deTour Café

Co-Creator: Twins Kitchen   Here at deTour Café by Twins Kitchen, what meant to be in the bin will go on your plate again. This is an experimental project that we prepare some of our dishes from waste we usually have in a café, like steamed milk, brewed coffee ground and roasted leftover. Instead of throwing them away, we choose to up-cycle them and make them edible again. By creating an interactive and innovative experience with food design, we demonstrate the creation of delicious and playful dishes without wasting our produces. We can even up-cycle some of the otherwise “wasted” produce by giving them a second life.