Harmonious Chaos

Design is so simple.That’s why it is so complicated. — Paul Rand

Harmonious Chaos
Creation is a process.

The simpler and cleaner a design is, the more complicated and tortuous its process may be. In art and design, we always appreciate beautiful outcomes, but often overlook the muddling processes. Many a time, we get stuck in confusion and messiness that we can’t even make sense of - but indeed we don’t have to. All we need is to explore the harmony out of or within the chaos. We may end up with a masterpiece, a little something or even nothing at all, but we definitely have gone through a state of harmony and chaos. The creative process may be inexplicable and incomprehensible, but it matters.

deTour 2017 focuses on the harmonious chaos in a creative process. Through exhibitions, installations, workshops and talks, we examine at how a concept evolves to become a result, and offer participants chances to experience the unknowns and possibilities in the course. We hope you will appreciate the imaginative practice behind all designs, and be creative after experiencing them.


2017 Highlights

合| hé | Confluence.

Co-creator: Bloom
“You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche
Bloom., a Hong Kong based collective of installation artists, architects and electronics specialists have created the central project with their 14m high interactive walkway, 合| hé | confluence.
The installation takes its starting point from the Chinese character “合”, broadly expressing the theme of togetherness, to join or to make whole.
“Commonly in our work we try to express the synergy an individual has with the city around them. Through working with this year’s theme ‘harmonious chaos’, we sought to express and highlight a sense of togetherness in the main courtyard. Within the otherwise desperate and fleeting journeys people make within the city we want to collate and express unification within the centre piece, constructing a tower of light.”
The visual dialogues that will exist between user and sculpture as passers-by augment and adapt the lighting grids should provide a striking centre piece to this year’s deTour design festival.



Co-creator: Afa Lee, Graphic Airlines, Jan Curious, LAAB, Little Thunder, Paul Lung、Siu Hak、Mr.Hammers (Stefan Chui) and Tommy Cheung

Design Dialogues

Screening: Creativity Is

Speaker: Cesar Jung-Harada (Director of Makerbay)
Organiser: MakerBay
What is Creativity? Are you Creative?
These are the two questions the film explores through a group of students and six individuals - a psychologist, a designer, a startup entrepreneur, an activist, an inventor and a yoga teacher.
The 25-minute film launches into a whirl through numerous ideas on creativity from how our mind works, to our obsessions and fears. It then explores the possibilities of what we can do to rediscover the creativity within ourselves. Followed by an open discussion lead by Cesar Jung-Harada.



Organiser: Alchemist Creations Participants can create their own CAN WATCH from upcycled materials. They can use the exact same tools that are crucial to the CAN WATCH production and assemble unique CAN WATCH. Experienced watchmakers equipped with special skills will be present to conduct the workshop. Participants can also customise the watch straps with different paints, bringing uniqueness to their watches.

Bottle Light Workshop

Organiser: ARTZWORK
Bottle Light is made of recycled glass bottle, red wine wooden box, together with LED light, UV resin, glass etching and brass. Participants can experience the creative handcraft making process by using ordinary items that are neglected in daily life, in a way extending the lives of the materials with a “second life” through art.
Workshop organised in collaboration with Little Jadeite.

Weaving the Unwanted

Organiser: Bizzie Bee Limited
How something unwanted, unused and discarded can be made useful again? Our giant double-sided loom invites visitors to take part in weaving community rugs by re-purposing old t-shirts.
Participants can weave from t-shirt yarn balls and learn the way of cutting up t-shirts for weaving. The completed rugs will be donated to underprivileged families.

Cheongsam Tea Light – Wool Felt Workshop

Organiser: Handmade by Debbie Leung
Cheongsam making has been enlisted as one of the intangible cultural heritage of Hong Kong. Employing unique characteristics of wool fibre and most ancient techniques of fabric making – felt-making, participants will learn how to use wool fibre to make a seamless, no-stitch 3D mini cheongsam lampshade. This adorable cheongsam is a nice decoration in day time and a romantic LED light at night. It reminds us of the nostalgic and iconic quotidian dress of Hong Kong.

No Stress Ball

Organiser: Handmade by Debbie Leung
In this workshop participants will experience the magic of wool. With hair-like wool fibre, we will make wool balls with an ancient and simple method. These balls can be used as stress balls, laundry balls and cat’s toys.

Harmonious Chaos in Dyelicious

Organiser: Dyelicious
Color dyeing is a process.
“Every simple step is part of the process. Only by putting your heart it can you make the work unique.”
Through “Experiencing Food Dyeing”, participants can take part in the process of designing natural food coloring from concept all the way to finished product, and experience the sense of unknown as well as the limitless possibilities of leftover food as well as appreciate the chaos and order of design and craft and experience the experimental spirit behind the creative process.

Coffee Grounds Tie Dye Up-cycling Workshop

Organiser: Giants Tie Dye
Coffee ground is usually regarded as food waste in Hong Kong but it is actually very useful in many different ways. It is beyond our fantasy and imagination that it can even be used for dyeing! Participants will be immersed in the scent of coffee beans, while using coffee ground as the material to tie dye their unique and special fabric.

Tessellation Workshop

Organiser: HappiKami
Create patterns through origami and tessellation paper-art for household decoration. The lines and angles created by the patterns will form a harmonious shape once folded. The activity helps enhancing children’s patience and their understanding on geometry through daily application and handcraft systematically. Suitable for families.

Designer for a day: Creating a 3D walled city

Organiser: HASSELL
The workshop explores the idea of what it takes to create a community and how chaos and harmony can co-exist in such densely populated areas.
Children will have the opportunity to re-imagine and create their own little scene sited in the Kowloon Walled City, tapping into their imagination and understanding of space to create something as realistic or surreal as they like. Each piece produced will be fitted together into a collectively created "deTour Walled City" which is to be displayed during the festival period.

Create, Reimagine, Reinvent Peace

Organiser: Hong Kong Association of Art Therapists
Hong Kong Association of Art Therapists aims to promote and educate public about art psychotherapy and the healing power of art.
This workshop/ open studio time invites participants to experience collaborative art making and re-imagining peace. We seek to provide a supportive and safe space for participants to express themselves freely. Each open art session will be followed by a short talk/debriefing about topics such as: making space and finding inner peace through the arts during chaotic times in life, as well as a brief overview about art psychotherapy.

Folding origami with sterling silver

Organiser: Lucy Shih
The class allows learners to experience the basic skills of folding origami in sterling silver with simple silver grinding and polishing, and start exploring more different materials to deduce traditional art.

Hey! Let’s WEAVE

Organiser: MILL6 Foundation
Demonstration and Experience
Backstrap Loom – the oldest form of loom in the world, easily portable for the weaver to carry.
Weaving Square – Designed by made in sample, this action-filled square-shaped floating installation is made for 4 participants to weave simultaneously in 4 directions. Laughter is for free.

Cardboard-Can-Loom – An eco-friendly, cost-effective, uncycled cardboard loom that stretches the limit of weaving

“My Creations My Playtime” – DIY your retro games workshop

Organiser: Moth and more
Through making their own retro toys, children can get to know more about Hong Kong culture, experience the process of making art and learn about environmental protection. Art teacher Ms Vera has always encouraged students to make their own toys by using everyday materials. The whole process is their playtime!
In this workshop, participants will be making a deluxe Hopscotch game using old banners or huge drawing paper. The creation will be of easy-to-carry size for kids to play with other friends!

Japanese-style Incense

Organiser: okapi studio
Participants will get to know how to create Japanese-style Incense in different shapes with the raw materials provided by okapi studio during the workshop.
Depending on the combination of the natural ingredients, the final product can be used as scented incense or insect repellent. The ash from burnt incense is rich in nutrients that can be used as fertilisers for planting by mixing it into the soil.

Old Material New Puppet Workshop

Organiser: Sap Fong
There are lots of creative inspirations from our daily lives. Join us to use discarded plastic packaging instead of cotton, the clothes we don't wear anymore and with some hand-picked branches from the nature, to transform these three elements into a hand-made puppet with your own imagination. Adults are invited to join the kids to make their own toys!

Leaf Mask Workshop

Organiser: Smiley Planet
Whether we are walking on the street or strolling along a trail in countryside, we are actually surrounded by all kinds of leaves which we often ignored. In this workshop, we gather leaves of different sizes, colours and shapes, and children express their creativity by making their own masks. You might be amazed by how the exact same kinds of leaves can be transformed into animals, insects or even human faces.

Handmade Paper Tie Dye Workshop

Organiser: SomoodStudio
Using an ordinary tie-dye technique to tailor-make your own pattern in different colours using our handmade Somood paper.
Participants will learn the basic structure and materials of handmade paper and experience the joy of tie-dyeing.

Pottery Challenge

Organiser: Tung Yao Ceramics Design Studio
Pottery Challenge focuses on the relationship between students and the medium - pottery.
Covering up either eyes, ears or mouth of each student, the harmony within chaos can be emphasised which also brings the understanding of the medium to a different level.


Organiser: WeMakeGift
Neon has flown out from the canvas! We combine flowers and craft to create this Neon Bloom. Preserved and dried flowers bloom, with neon blings made of EL light thread above it. This fun floral gift should be on your gift list!


Organiser: Zoe Siu
Knot-tying is a wise invention which improves human life in terms of words record, survival and interior purposes. Knots not only improve our lives but also reflect on our cultural existence. We would like to encourage people to know more about knot culture. Different colors of ropes are offered to create your own macramé lighting hangers. The whole making process required time and patience. We hope people can do more craft, and we feel that tools should never dominate.

Qing-Hua (Blue and White Porcelain) Painting Open Workshop

Organiser: Taste Library
In this workshop, participants can imitate and draw different patterns with blue markers on white porcelain utensils. Taste Library will have extensive patterns exhibited, such as those passed on from the Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasty in Jingdezhen, to those from Europe and Islamic countries for their reference. We hope participants can have a better understanding of such an iconic visual element in the Chinese history and food culture.

Letterpress Printing Workshop

Organiser: Kwong Wah Printing
This workshop allows participants to appreciate the history of letterpress printing. There will be various printing apparatus on display as well as printing demonstration. Participants can use movable types to print out a card.


Italian Christmas Market 2017

Organiser: The Italian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong and Macao
Italy is the partner country of this year’s Business of Design Week.The Italian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong & Macao is proud to present the Christmas edition of the renowned Italian Market, a wonderful opportunity to experience a truly Italian Christmas atmosphere. This year, the second edition of Italian Market features 15 Christmas themed booths where visitors can find exquisite delicacies, Italian treats, fine wines and more!