Washi Paper Craft by Lomfa Fair


Hollywood 5/F H5A Verandah

SAT (六) 26/11 1:00pm - 3:00pm
SAT (六) 26/11 4:00pm - 6:00pm

Lomfa Fair

LomfaFair is devoted to paper making and also delicate book binding. We value the fabrics of each sheet of paper and experience the warmth of it. LomfaFair produces various paper products to remind the public of the respect for paper, as it is one of the most ancient tools to record our memories and cultures. Moreover, handmade paper is the work of artisan which embodies his precise experience and skills.

Founder Redtonetone is fond of paper products. She learnt about traditional paper making in Taiwan before returning to Hong Kong to become a full-time paper maker.

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Redtonetone is fond of paper products and learnt about traditional paper making in Taiwan, returned to Hong Kong and become a full-time paper making. She creates workshop and sharing of Paper crafts and Book binding for many times in these few years. In addition, she will create an exhibition of her artworks which are using paper materials.