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UTOPIA, Momentarily


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Susie Au
Vicky Fung
Yiufai Chow

“Not only expressing, but also manifesting.” Creative people often have a lot of beautiful ideas. Expressing them poses a complicated question, and manifesting them might be even more difficult. UTOPIA, Momentarily, a programme in this year’s New Vision Arts Festival created by Susie Au, Vicky Fung and Chow Yiu-Fai, takes popular music into a drama theatre with pop singers, professional actors as well as amateur performers from public auditions. In the past few months, for so many moments, they realise that utopia exists not only on stage but also in real life. A game by three creative talents, without anything to do with success or failure, concerns co-existence and symbiosis with a set of rules changed.

Susie Au, Vicky Fung, Yiufai Chow

UTOPIA, Momentarily

Conducted in Cantonese

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Susie Au
A cross-media creator – film and commercial director, queen of MV, image and creative designer, scriptwriter, cinematographer, documentary filmmaker. She has been dedicated to creation of image works in Hong Kong, Taiwan and China in her unique style. Having made over 100 MVs, many of which have won awards locally or overseas, she has worked with countless famous singers. Now she has started a few cross-media and cross-country projects, including a German co-production film, a photography collection and also multi-media creations. Susie repeated film, edit and create… dreams.

Vicky Fung
Vicky Fung joined the music industry in 1996 with an ultra popular song she wrote for Sammi Cheng. In 2005 she wrote the song “Androgyny” for Juno Mak, as an attempt to push the boundaries of canto-pop. She also released her own albums in 2005 and 2007 as a singer-songwriter. In her multi-faceted identity in the music scene, as live house organiser, producer, artiste manager, crowdfunding platform founder or music programme planner, Vicky enjoys the space that allows her to create from scratch.

Chow Yiu-Fai
Chow Yiu-Fai graduated from the Department of English and Comparative Literature of the University of Hong Kong, and has worked in various media. He published his first lyrics in 1989, and has been creating lyrics and other writings since then. He has penned over 1000 lyrical works and published a number of writing collections, including many award-winning ones. He moved to The Netherlands in 1992. After obtaining his doctoral degree from the Amsterdam School of Communication Research of the University of Amsterdam, he returned to Hong Kong and joined the Hong Kong Baptist University as Assistant Professor in the Department of Humanities and Creative Writing. He has started stage and visual arts projects in the recent years.