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Scenery of Typography: Hong Kong & Taiwan


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Julius Hui
Joe Chang
Tamago Yeh

Typeface design, typography is never a popular topic among the Chinese society in Hong Kong and Taiwan. However, with the Internet publicising the topic and with many important publications in the field being translated into Chinese, it has become a hot topic among not only designers but also the general public. Although the topic is getting more exposure, there are still few people working in this mysterious industry. What do they look at every day? What do they make every day? What do they think every day? Three designers fighting at the frontier – Hong Kong’s typeface designer Julius Hui, Taiwanese designer Joe Chang, and OVAL’s design director Tamago Yeh –  will provide an outline of Chinese typographic scenery through sharing their works, their thoughts and dialog.

Julius Hui, Joe Chang, Tamago Yeh


Conducted in Cantonese and Putonghua

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About Julius Hui

Julius Hui, Senior Type Designer at Monotype, is a Chinese typeface designer and typographer based in Hong Kong. Before joining Monotype, he was a font developer at Dalton Maag and font designer at Xin Gothic development team (VM Type), responsible for both HP and Intel branding font projects. He has also designed Chinese logotypes for the Chinese New York Times as well as Bloomberg Businessweek. Julius started publishing articles frequently in 2012. He founded Han Wan Tang to support type and typography education in 2014, and eventually started his own font project “Aero Mincho”. Julius was nominated for Antalis Paper Pacific’s “10-20-30” Design Young Guns in Sept 2015.

About Joe Chang

Joe (Hsuan-Hao) Chang is a type designer from Taipei, Taiwan. In 2011, he completed a one-year professional course at Type & Media, KABK. Prior to that, he worked as a type designer in Dynacomware for two years. In 2014, He founded Eyeson Type to provide multilingual type design, typographic matchmaking consultancy and a series of type-related workshops like calligraphy and lettering.

About Tamago Yeh

Tamago Yeh began his studies in graphic design and artistic photography in Japan in 2007. Being a graduate from the class of 2012 of Information Design at Kyoto University of Art and Design, he started his design studio “OVAL” in 2015. He introduced and translated books by Akira Kobayashi, Type Director of Monotype. His latest projects include producing the Chinese version of the Japanese magazine Typography.