Nov 27Dec 6
Porcelain Christmas

This workshop will be led by Hong Kong based ceramic artist JAKIE Leung and ZHEN, the leading platform in China for contemporary ceramic art and design. For deTour 2015, the workshop will provide participants opportunity to experience ceramic art in person. Artists will teach participants to use the molding techniques of ceramic art, along with cutting, combining and color painting skills, to create ceramic Christmas ornaments of different sizes and shapes. Participants will have their own ceramic works completed after the last firing process finishes.

Participant: Aged 15 or above

2015/12/4 (Fri)  Cantonese & English
2015/12/5 (Sat)   Cantonese
2015/12/6 (Sun)  Cantonese

Organised By: ZHEN Porcelain & JL Ceramics Workshop


2015/12/4 (Fri)   1400-1630 (Full House)  1700-1930 (Full House)
2015/12/5 (Sat)  1100-1330 (Full House) 1400-1630 (Full House)
2015/12/6 (Sun) 1100-1330 (Full House) 1400-1630 (Full House)