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“Nothing will be wasted” Upcycling Music Exhibition

The idea of waste material made instruments is from a Cantonese song named “Upcycling Hero” -《香港傑出廢青》composed by singer-songwriter, Michael Lai Hiu-Yeung (黎曉陽) . The song raises the question of “What is “waste”?” Teaming up with upcycle designer Kevin Cheung Wai-Chun (張瑋晉), the singer and the designer together with the music production crew went to pick the “familiar” and “useful” “waste” materials and converted them into special music instruments using their creative minds and professional knowledge in music and design respectively. The recording of the song using sounds of these instruments was made. This upcycling concept reconstructs the perception of “waste”, breaks down boundaries and realizes possibilities which may not have been possible in the eyes of “useful” people.

Curated by Vicky Fung

Since 1996, Vicky has been active in the music industry as a songwriter and lyricists. Among her various works which have become pop hits, she has also been recognized by creative industry awards for her song written for Juno in 2005《雌雄同體》as the "Best Alternative Song" and ‘Best Melody’ and ‘Best Song’ with Gin Lee’s song《今天終於一人回家》& Eman Lam's ‘Wanna Be’ respectively in 2012. Vicky is also a singer-songwriter with two albums. Not only was she passionate in writing music, Vicky was one of the founders of Backstage Live since 2007, Hong Kong's top live restaurant, a rendezvous for musicians, music lovers and followers of cultural activities. Founding her own production house and studio since 2010 with her partner Mr. Victor Tse, Frenzi Music grooms artists as an indie music label and publishing house. In 2015, Vicky also joined Mr. Chet Lam in founding HongKong’s first music crowdfunding platform “”.

Unit H310 (3 FL, H Building)

2015/11/27 (Fri) – 2015/12/6 (Sun)